Infuse the F-Word into Practice

drills fun games practice Jun 11, 2020

What words come to mind when you think about going out and playing a tennis match with your friends or family?

What words come to mind when you think about going out to play a league tennis match against a rival club or team?

Since many of us are returning to tennis after a lengthy hiatus and many clubs and courts are limited to singles play only, this is a great opportunity for you to return to the reason you wanted to play tennis in the first place. Go out and play like the kids do! Play some games. The only F-word that I recommend on the court — ever — is...

FUN at practice:

  • Music:  Music has been shown to enhance positive aspects such as energy and happiness while lessening feelings of tension, depression, and anger.
    • Small portable speaker at the back of the court
    • Air Pods (bluetooth)
  • Drills
    • Target Practice:  during rallies, while practicing serves.
    • Green dot balls, orange dot balls
    • HORSE with serves
    • Non-dominant hand mini tennis
  • Point Play Ideas:
    • Dingles: (4 per court) To start, each opposite pair plays out a half-width singles point. When the first singles point ends, that pair yells “DINGLES.” This turns the 2nd ball into a doubles point. If the same team wins both points, a team point is awarded. You can keep score like a normal game, like a tie-breaker, or however you prefer! 
    • Outside the Box:  Play a point game to 21.  Start the point with a drop feed.  When a player hits a ball in the service box they lose the point and their opponent earns 2 points.
    • 1-bounce doubles: Two teams take their place as in a doubles match. One player serves first and then runs towards the net. Only the serve is allowed to bounce. With all four players at the net, the point should be played out. Should the ball bounce, the point is over and the other team wins a point. The other side then serves and the drill is repeated until one team reaches 10 points.
  • Set Play Ideas:
    • 1 Serve
    • 3 Serves
    • Start a no-ad set from 3 all
    • Start every game from 0-30

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