Play Your Best with a New Partner

doubles mental game team video Feb 11, 2019

Have you ever wondered how the best doubles teams handle the pressure of competition? How do they consistently perform at their best—individually and as a unit? How do they sustain great teamwork despite individual differences in game style and personality?

The best doubles players get the best out of themselves and their partners—no matter with whom they're partnered. We can imitate their example!

Each of us has her own unique peak performance “zone.” This zone has very specific chemistry behind it, one you can train for and learn to control. Many tennis players experience high-stakes competition as threatening, anxiety-provoking, and even frightening. Yet top players typically respond with high focus, clarity, passion, confidence, excitement, and engagement.

All great tennis players get nervous — that's just part of the territory. The difference is great athletes learn to channel this energy. 

Check out the video to learn how.


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