Refresh Your Mindset and Rediscover the Joy in the Game

mental game Jan 09, 2020

At 38 years of age, Roger Federer is still playing the best tennis of his career. He’s the Michelangelo of tennis!

One of the things that impresses me the most about Roger is his obvious love of the game. He’s played tennis virtually his entire life. He’s won 20 Grand Slam titles (and counting!) He has accumulated more money than he knows what to do with. And yet, he still enjoys the simple act of hitting the ball.

In a recent interview, Roger talked about how much he still loves tennis. This joy is what propels him to take his aching, aging body onto the court every day. And it’s not just because he’s winning. He still wants to improve!

Tennis has been called a lonely sport that tortures souls. But, for Federer, the winning is a just a natural consequence. He loves to practice, mentor other players, and play high-pressure matches. He genuinely cares — and it shows. If you didn’t see his breakdown and tears of joy after this 20th win, check it out HERE. It’s incredible.

As a recreational player, make sure that you enjoy the sport every time you are on the court. Start this new decade with a renewed sense joy for tennis. Take a moment to list all of the things your love about this great game like:

  • The feel of hitting the ball on the “sweet spot”
  • The sound of hitting a great shot
  • Creating a plan and then actually executing the strategy
  • Hitting a clean winner

Write your top 3 responses on a note to keep on your mobile phone or in your tennis bag and refer to it often.

Tennis is a lifetime sport. Learn to appreciate every day that you get out on the court. Enjoy the competition, the camaraderie, and the movement in the beautiful game. Roger will be proud.

Rally On, 
Kathy Toon

P.S. Here's bonus video of Roger Federer discussing his mindset after his injury and how he plans for an upcoming year. Click HERE to view.


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