GlamSlam Clinics

Hitting the ball matters.
Playing the game matters more!

4 Clinics in 2020 — JOIN US!


No one knows the women's game better than we do. Work directly with elite NCAA coaches and experts - 4:1 player to coach ratio.


The women's game is unique. It's powerful to harness the social and emotional dynamic of players, teams and team captains.


It's time to focus on building your tennis "play book" - the mental game and also strategies and tactics for your doubles game plan.

Play With Confidence 

You have the basic strokes, yet who's showing you how to handle your nerves during matches, how to deal with the diva drama on the doubles court and how to play well with any partner?

Elite Athletic Training

Our master coaches, who happen to be women, bring decades of experience and wisdom in the women's game directly to you.  Pick our brains and access strategies that have powered elite college teams.

Clinic Dates

Registration for our Clinics opens March, 2020.

April 5, 2020, 1–4 pm
St. Mary’s College, Moraga, CA 
Fee: $150

We'll cover:

  • Smart Shot Selection & Placement: How to Play High % Doubles
  • How to Make the Ball Go Where It Should
  • Knowing What Shot to Hit from Where (Zone Tennis)

June 7, 2020, 1–4 pm
San Jose State University
Fee: $150

We'll cover:

  • Excelling at Your Job on the Doubles Court.
  • Server; Server’s Partner; Receiver; Receiver’s Partner

September 13, 2020, 1–4 pm
UC Santa Cruz
Fee: $150

We'll cover:

  • Being More Consistent On the Court
  • Serve; Return; Groundstrokes

November 8, 2020, 1–4 pm
UC Berkeley
Fee: $150

We'll cover:

  • Confidence at the Net.
  • Volley Basics
  • The Fine Art of Poaching
  • Handling ANY Lob

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