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At GlamSlamTennis, we coach women age 40ish and over who play league tennis. We show you how to compete with confidence and enjoy being part of a true team. We’ve experienced the power and joy of being part of a true team and we want all ladies league players to experience it too.
The Problem:
Playing League tennis can suck the joy out of the game for women. Wanting to join a league team is a natural step for the newly addicted adult tennis nut. Yet for women, this experience is often severely stressful.
We also have a theory as to why Ladies League Tennis is so challenging for players, teammates, captains and teaching pros. So many women discover tennis later in life after the kids are in school or their work life has calmed down. Most of these women never played sports before. When they discover tennis they fall in love with it. They can’t get enough. They are the quintessential “tennis nut.” Soon they join a league or club team. It looks like fun and the outfits are so cute!
Now it’s match day and these women are facing the pressure of competition for the first time in their lives. Yikes! They did not play youth or high school sports. They don’t have the years of experience dealing with their nerves. They lack any coping strategies. On top of that, it’s also the first time many of these gals have been on a team. So now you have a group of anxious women trying to play team tennis in a pressure situation. What a recipe for disaster.
Too often teaching pros just roll their eyes and shake their heads at the “drama” surrounding ladies league tennis. In addition, a lot of team captains stop captaining after a year or so. They too get tired of the drama.
The problem is that no one is showing them how to handle their nerves or how to build a successful team. This is such a bummer cause these are very learnable skills. Most coaches and teaching pros grew up playing team sports so these skills are second nature to them. Pros know how to teach tennis skills yet have no idea how to help women with the mental game, team dynamics or developing a doubles game plan tailored to their level.
Until now!
The Solution:
Our mission at GlamSlamTennis is to show women tennis player’s how to compete with confidence and enjoy being part of a true team. We’ve experienced the power and joy of being part of a true team and we want all ladies league players to experience it too. Magic happens when all player’s on the team are on the same page going for a common goal. This does not happen by accident. True teams must be built. We’re here to show ladies league tennis players how to build, compete and win as a team.
To achieve our mission we develop materials, products and events designed to create winners individually, as a doubles team and as a league team. We focus on:
  • The Mental Game
  • Doubles Development
  • Team Dynamics
  • Team Captain skills
Our Way of solving it:
We believe women do a better job coaching women.
Why women only? Cause the women’s game is different. Yes, we all hit ground-strokes, serves and play the net. Yet that’s where the similarities end. There’s the mental game, the emotional game and the social game - all completely different for men and women.
All of our master coaches are women. No one knows the women’s game more than we do. Our Master Coaches bring decades of experience and wisdom in the women’s game directly to you. We work on every aspect of your game.
We create unique opportunities for like-minded tennis gals to gather, hang out and train together.
You receive on-court coaching during match play so we can help you make on the spot tactical adjustments. We see your game under pressure and then help you craft your own winning game plan.
What we are really up to:
To change the culture of women’s league tennis from catty in-fighting and daily drama to one where women love to play the game as a team and where teammates strive together to play their best on match day.
We realize that a tennis match is a microcosm of the culture we live in. Team tennis has the power to teach women how to work together under pressure. Now that’s a skill we need more of in this world!
Founder’s Note:
Why did I start GlamSlamTennis? Why did I jump into the fray of "ladies league tennis?"
Because I didn’t like what I saw in ladies league tennis. Players are not taken seriously. My observations brought me back to my junior tennis days and then the emotions kicked in. I loved tennis as a kid. I played every day even if that meant 5:30am! I trained physically when it was not commonplace. I studied nutrition as a teenager - now that dedication. I poured my heart and soul into the game and yet I was not one of the top juniors in the Portland area or even at my club.
I remember watching other players - some who did not work as hard as I did, get all the pro's attention. I realized that my passion was not enough to garner the coaches attention - they just wanted to work with the best juniors. Wow - that was painful.
This is what I see happening at the "ladies league" level of the game. I see so many female players at the 3.0, 3.5 and 4.0 level who just LOVE tennis. They cannot get enough of the game. Their passion is infectious - to me. I do what I do because I'm inspired by any player who truly strives to get better - even if they never win a national championship, a gold ball or make to the 4.5 or 5.0 level.
I get it. Your passion is enough for me. It's the fuel I run on.
Rally On,

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