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At GlamSlam Tennis, we show you how to compete with confidence. We want all women to experience the power and joy of being part of a true team.
The Problem
League or social tennis can suck the joy out of the game. Joining a team or practice group is a natural step for a new tennis player. Yet for women, this experience is often severely stressful.
The problem is that no one is showing players how to handle their nerves or how to build a successful team. Pros know how to teach tennis skills, yet often they have no idea how to help women with the mental game, team dynamics or developing a doubles game plan tailored to their level.
Until now!
Our Solution
Magic happens when all players on the team are on the same page, going for a common goal. This does not happen by accident. True teams must be built. GlamSlam Tennis develops materials and experiential events designed to help players hone individual skills, compete as a doubles partners and to win as team members. We focus on:
• The Mental Game
• Doubles Development
• Team Dynamics
• Team Captain skills 
All our master coaches are women who bring decades of experience and wisdom in the women’s game directly to you. We work on every aspect of your game.
Our Mission:
GlamSlam Tennis players love the mental, social, emotional and physical game and work as teammates who strive - together - to play their best.
Rally On,
Kathy Toon

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